First Aid Kits

First aid kits are a must have for every business and home. First aid kits are necessary so that you can treat ailments and injuries immediately. It might benefit you and your staff to attend a first aid class through the Red Cross in order to know how to utilize all the supplies in a first aid kit.  You can store it in your vehicle, canteen, or workplace .

Fire Safety Signs

Fire signs are an essential component of fire safety compliance. Fire Equipment Signs & Fire Action Signage will quickly identify fire exits and equipment . Fire equipment and exits can be easily and permanently identified.We have a wide range of different sizes , single and multi-informational signs.

Fire Extinguishers

Safety in the home and in the work place should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities when purchasing or moving in to a property and indeed should remain at the top of that list being constantly reviewed.It goes without saying that Fire Extinguishers are no longer a luxury but a necessity and in a lot of situations a legal requirement.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets, along with fire extinguishers, are fire safety items that can be useful in case of a fire. These nonflammable blankets are helpful in temperatures up to 900 degrees and are useful in smothering small fires by not allowing any oxygen to the fire. Due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful for someone who is inexperienced with fire extinguishers.

Fire Safety Equipment and Fire Safety Training

Fitzfire Limited

Fitzfire limited was founded in 2000 by Tom Fitzpatrick.We specialize in Fire Safety Equipment and have a wide client base covering the whole of the country. Our customers needs have always been at the forefront of our business and we have grown year on year since our start up.We have a fantastic range of  products  and services and we are always available for support. We provide regular training certification days with our Fire and Safety courses. The course is tailored towards non emergency response staff and is designed to teach people what to do in case of a fire and basic fire extinguisher use. For more information on Fire Safety Equipment and all of our other products and services please call Tom on 0872257476

Our Customers

We are 100% committed to our customers and strive to exceed your expectations in everything we do. We constantly evaluate our ability by measuring and reviewing to ensure our customers are getting the very best products and training available on the market today. Fire Safety Equipment and your safety is very important to us and is indeed the very core of our business. It is this alone that sets the benchmark to make sure we meet the highest standards in Fire Safety Equipment and Regulation in Ireland today. We are always ready to help on site with our products training and services.